Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Love's Epitaph

Love's Epitaph

Can love triumph?

Lysa is being pursued by a mysterious group. Soon, a protector appears to defend her at all costs. Together, they must seek help from others, while trying to discover the mysteries behind the pursuit.

  • -Emotional and engaging story centered around love
  • -Interesting characters with distinct personalities
  • -Each character has several unique skills to learn and utilize effectively
  • -Over 10 hours of gameplay, with several side quests to find and complete
  • -Visible enemies removes the frustration of random encounters
  • -Over 100 items to find and collect
  • -Beautiful music and charming atmosphere
Gamer's Fatigue is definitely showing a lot of potential. The story for Love's Epitaph is incredible, the characters are so well-developed, and the mystery surrounding all the characters and even the plot keeps you going--and then there's the twist at the end. Oh, and the end itself, which made me want to yell "NO!!!" at my screen because I so wanted to keep going forward with the story. The story just draws you in.
I like that they actually highlight where they have hidden things with sparkles (saves time searching for them). It is easy to outrun the monsters if you want to, all monsters on the screen look the same but when you enter battle it is not the monster you see on the screen (example: blue slime = some combination of bandits, rats, or spiders). Monsters don't respawn while you are in the screen but they do as soon as you leave. Red treasure boxes contain herbs and restoratives, green boxes contain power-ups. and blue boxes contain weapons (and possibly armor I have only seen one box so far). 

Technical Information

Download Size: 211 MBOperating System:Windows XP+RAM: 256 MB

Love's Epitaph Download:

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